Alzheimer’s is a disease that impacts the entire family. Alzheimer’s is not a normal part of aging, and, as the disease progresses, symptoms go from memory loss to the loss of reasoning skills, decision-making abilities, and other critical skills needed to live without the help of a caretaker. Most often, family members or friends will take on the role of caretaker. It’s estimated that as many as 15 million Americans provide unpaid care to someone living with Alzheimer’s disease.

One of the hardest decisions a caretaker will need to make is when it is time to move a loved one with Alzheimer’s to an assisted living facility. Sadly, some caretakers will wait too long to admit that it is time to make a change and admit a loved one to a long-term care facility. It’s certainly understandable, but there are some signs that the time is right to make the move. Those signs include the following:

  • Your loved one’s condition is getting worse, and you can no longer provide the care they need.
  • Your relationships are deteriorating as you spend all of your time providing care to your loved one.
  • You are engaging in unhealthy activities to cope with the stress of being a caretaker.
  • Your caretaking is greatly interfering with your work and/or personal life.
  • You no longer feel happiness and cannot share your feelings with others.

While you should always speak with your loved one’s medical team about assisted living, these signs likely indicate that now is the time if at all possible. Kris-Leigh Assisted Living communities offer residents and their families the family values necessary to create a positive and safe environment as they go through this difficult time. Kris-Leigh Assisted Living in Severna Park, Davidsonville, and Gambrills offers several different programs to provide residents with the highest quality care.

Caretakers and/or family members interested in getting the application process at Kris-Leigh Assisted Living started can fill out an application here.